Hoai's Collages

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A Rich Rough World

Cabalistic Apparatus

Children Deserve A Planet

Ethereal Chemistry
Fateful Fishing Trip

For Medicinal Purposes

Form of Energy

Further Reading
Here's Your Mosquito

House in a Blue Sea

Hunt For Genes

King of Biopesticides
Long Wait

Martian Life


New Generation of Experiments
Not Just Another Scent

Only A Few More Hours To Freedom

Periodic Table

Rocket Woman

Serving Chromosomes


Sounds A Lot Like Your Average Day
Successfully Instills Core Values

The Deepest Days

This Door To Remain Locked

Unforgettable Story
Where Battle Once Raged

Who's The Culprit

Wild Kingdom

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Collages by: Hoai Nguyen
"Commercial images used for something entirely different" View Artist Statement
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