Artist Statement


I love integrating images from different worlds/times together. There's something thrilling about new worlds that one can create by mixing colors, attitudes, time periods, magnifications, and cultures. 'Confluence', as Neil Gaiman calls it. The 'good future' of interesting medleys of influence rather than the 'bad future' of unimaginative conformity with one standard.


I have always hated commercials. I never watch Television without a mute button and have a tendancy to cover up commercials that are forced upon me in public places with nearby pieces of less offensive paper. But in truth, there are indeed artists behind a lot of commercials, and a lot of times their artwork seems to be yearning for freedom from that environment. Like an overly smiley and polished model might seem to long to be submerged in a pile of insects, or a woman trapped in a B&W fashion commercial might long to be brought into a world of vibrant color.


A lot of collage-work is about the juxtaposition of images, and so there naturally seems to be a political opinion involved, whether I intend it or not. But when I'm actually creating the collages, I just browse magazines and gather images that call out to me in some way. Then I put together whatever 'fits'. In some ways, the collages seem to speak for themselves and I really have no control over what they're saying.


Sometimes I find commercial propaganda that is so repulsive, that I have to mock it. And sometimes it's surprisingly easy. For example, just putting a simple flatworm on top of an arrogant woman in a cigarette commercial, can make a big difference.

Beautiful Photography

Sometimes I also find images that seem too beautiful to cut up (for example, in National Geographic). However, I realize that if I were to put that magazine down and leave it, then I would probably never see the image again. So that motivates me to put it into my collage, which in turn breaths new life into the image. I think of it like giving the image a new context, in addition to its old context. Like giving a new sweater to a person because you think they'd look good in it, rather than because they wear that type of thing anyway.