In 2004 I spent the whole summer traveling solo across the great North American continent (westward through Canada - via northern Wisonsin and Minnesota (where I did a lot of camping) up to Winnipeg, Manitoba, an then westward through the Canadian Rockies all the way to Vancouver. Then I turned southward and drove down the coast through Seattle, Portland, visiting the Oregon coast, all the way to SF. From there I turned back east and traveled through the extremely varied and interesting states of Nevada, Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico. I ended up also spending a lot of time in Texas, going to the wedding of my cousin Erika among other things, and then head on into Lousiana (swamp country) and back up through the south all the way back to New Jersey.

I added 15,000 miles to my old Ford Taurus on the trip and got 2 parking tickets and 3 speeding tickets. It was well worth every moment. Hiking up mountains almost as large as Gods, camping alone in the desert with miles of emptiness in all diretions and only a lone coyote howl to keep you company, meeting interesting travelers and people from all walks of life at hostels, visiting friends whose hometowns I never thought I'd see, and driving through the vast and scenic variety and space that is North America. Really there's nothing like it in the world.